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Picking Up

“It’s like you’re in a story, walking through the forest, picking up breadcrumbs as clues. And the breadcrumbs are leading you to the truth…”

All her life, Darby Coleman-Shields has felt like an outsider in her family. Her parents have often sided with her two older sisters, especially the erratic Maxine. Now Darby has her own family-Quentin, her attentive, devoted husband, and Robbie, her sweet, sensitive eight-year-old son. But when Robbie makes the stunning revelation that Papa George, Darby’s own father, has molested him, her world is forever shattered.

As Darby struggles to make sense of how this could have happened, childhood memories come flooding back to her-footsteps in the hallway at night, bedroom doors opening, and hushed voices, followed by arguments in the morning. Her family denies Robbie’s allegation, and, in typical Coleman fashion, they attempt to sweep it all under the rug, accusing Darby of concocting this lie. Undeterred, Darby digs for the truth, uncovering even more family skeletons and mysteries that have transcended from generation to generation…

Picking Up Breadcrumbs cover

Book Signing, Nirvana Soul Coffee,
San Jose, CA (August 27, 2022)

Song: “I Love Your Smile” by Shanice, used with written permission

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Hi, I’m Ursula. Storytelling has always been a passion of mine. I write with a flair for the unexpected and love creating stories that ignite meaningful conversations. I’m a published freelance writer and former Hewlett-Packard sales executive.

When I’m not thinking of the next cliffhanger, I’m probably teaching new tricks to my dog, a Corgi named Pork Chop. Or, I’m growing orchids, both in-and-out of season.

I was born in Kentucky and live with my husband in San Jose, California. I’m the mother of two adults.

Picking Up Breadcrumbs cover

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